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Document Analysis is a technique used to gather requirements during the requirements elicitation phase of a project. 
It describes the act of reviewing the existing documentation of comparable business processes or systems in order to extract pieces of information that are relevant to the current project,
and therefore should be consider projects requirements.

Business analysts can elicit requirements in many ways. Eliciting requirements from stakeholders using questionnaires, interviews, or facilitating sessions is quite common. 
However document analysis is particularly valuable when replacing one or more existing systems with a new system that will offer increased functionality or a better overall user experience. 
Existing documentation can be scoured to gain an understanding of key functions, business rules, business entities, and business entity attributes. 
Document analysis may also be necessary when stakeholders are not available to offer insight into existing business processes or systems.

Here is a list of potential documents that an analyst should consider reviewing based on their particular project type.


Benchmarking studies

Business plans

Business process and procedure documentation

Company memos

Competing product literature and reviews

Customer contracts

Customer suggestions

Requests for proposals

System defect reports

System specifications (of existing systems)

Training guides

Vision documents for related projects


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